THE STONED takes a deep dive into Cajun music’s subconscious, a radical reimagining of form through an improvised and deconstructed waltz.

Released on September 28, The Stoned is the first volume of L.E.S DOUZE, a collection of 12 live recordings stemming from Lost Bayou Rambler fiddler/vocalist Louis Michot’s residency at The Stone in NYC’s Lower East Side.

NER announces its first release party at Lagniappe Records, 313 Jefferson St, Lafayette, Louisiana at 5pm on August 24, 2018,  for the Remix single 'Bé'   by the Louisiana collective LEVEE BANDITS. The single features samples from LOST BAYOU RAMBLERS tracks, and will be available for download or as a free download with a limited edition Levee Bandits bandanna.