The Stoned

The Stoned take a deep dive into Cajun music’s subconscious, a radicalreimagining of form through an improvised and deconstructed waltz.” -Ryan Brasseaux

“The Stoned” is a 45 minute improve, the line-up captured on L.E.S.Douze Volume 1 from a collection of 12 live recordings stemming Lost Bayou Rambler fiddler/vocalist Louis Michot’s residency at The Stone in NYC’s Lower East Side. This album, recorded live on June 3, 2016 by Kirkland Middleton is the first in the series and is being issued via 12” vinyl, CD, digital download and streaming services by Nouveau Electric Records.

In 2015, Louis was invited by The Stone’s artistic director John Zorn to perform a residency at this experimental music venue that has no bar and allows no talking during performances, a room where the music is the sole focus. Each artist residency consists of 12 shows in 6 days, a simultaneously retrospective and explorative series of performances, each unique. Michot started his residency on May 31, 2016, performing with Les Freres Michot and Lost Bayou Ramblers, his family bands, and ended June 5 with a set featuring French icon Charlelie Couture and one of solo a capella renditions of the Cajun-French ballads of Ethel Mae Bourque. In between came such presentations as: Le String Noise with Leyla McCalla - 3 violins and a cello performing a mix of String Noise’s avant- garde compositions with McCalla’s Haitian Creole tunes and Louis’ traditional Cajun fiddle numbers; music from the score of the film Beasts of the Southern Wild; Pogues vet Spider Stacy’s Poguetry; and the fiddle-drum duo Pilette’s Ghost, to detail a few. The one set that was not part of one of Louis’ bands or collaborations was a completely free improvisation session with a line-up nicknamed “The Stoned” drawn from players from other residency sessions: Spider, Ryan Brasseaux, among others abetted by Jason Robira and and Jeff Tobias of Brooklyn’s Sunwatchers. They created a 45 minute wave of rhythms and sounds weaving between ambient swamp journeys and rural industrial reminisces, a communication project where music is the mother tounge.

Levee Bandits

The debut single from the Levee Bandits, "Bé," a collaboration between Lost Bayou Ramblers and Louisiana vaporwave artist/remixer IMAGINE I AM; the track was mixed by Korey Richey (Lost Bayou Ramblers, LCD Sound System), mastered by Bob Weston and stems from a vast trove of LBR remixes undertaken by IMAGINE I AM.